Hanging Glass Vase

Hanging glass vase is the best hanging glass terrarium, which hangs clear glass containers on black metal supports, the round base keeps it stable. Keep goldfish, aquatic plants, or flowers in the terrarium. The hanging plant glass is not only creative but also beautiful.

Round Glass Hanging Terrarium

Model Number: YF-GV003

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Color: Clear

Size: 10*20cm

Hanging Geometric Glass Terrarium
Hanging Clear Glass Vase

This is a creative decoration. Just hang the glass ball flower on the iron rack, and the stand hangs on any table or counter. Our hanging plant glass is available in global and cylindrical shapes. Metal stents can be made into hearts or other shapes.

Each glass container has a small circular opening. Fill half a bottle of water in a glass bottle, and put a few flowers, beautiful and lovely. Decorative display stand is made of high quality metal with a simple and modern design. It’s sturdy and stable. The round metal base keeps the glass container stable and secure.

Hanging Glass Terrarium With Plants
Glass Terrarium Wall Hanging

Hanging Glass Vase Features

  • The hanging transparent glass container is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass.
  • The round metal base keeps the glass container stable and secure.
  • Each glass vase has a top ring that easily hangs on a metal stand.
  • Small vents are designed on the top side for air circulation.
Hanging Glass Ball Terrarium
Hanging Plant Terrarium

Yafu Glass offers the Hanging Glass Terrarium in different shapes. Hanging glass vases can be used as succulents, plants, moss miniature gardens, or other houseplants. They can also be used as a candle holder or tea light to decorate parties, weddings, etc.

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