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Art Deco Glass Vase

The art deco glass vase is a Nordic light luxury style relief glass vase. The three-dimensional relief of the glass bottle has a retro style, silently interpreting the charming combination of painting and sculpture.

Art Deco Embossed Glass Vase

Model Number: YF-GV012

Material: Glass

Color: Green, Blue

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Round

Size: 10*25cm, 11*30cm

This Nordic style art deco glass vase comes in two different sizes. The vase is made of thickened high temperature resistant glass and has a wide mouth. Wide-mouth glass vases with various bouquets are suitable for various space scenes.

Embossed glass vases are in vogue and are available in 2 colours: dark green and peacock blue. This glass vase is made of high quality handmade glass material which is sturdy and durable. The thick bottom of the bottle is not easy to shake, and the flower arrangement is more stable.

The modern glass vases for decoration can be inserted into any kind of flowers or plants to display flowers of different colors, bringing a modern and stylish visual expression to home or office decoration. Beautiful glass vases are perfect for decorating table tops, windowsills, shelves, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, gardens, offices and more.

Art Deco Glass Vase Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glassware products, we offer wholesale art deco glass vase in different colors. These art glass vases are made from high quality lead free glass. All sides and bottom of the glass vase are thickened to ensure durability.

This delicate glass vase looks stunning in any setting, it is perfect for tulips, roses, and even artificial flowers, this glass decoration vase is the perfect addition to any room.

This handcrafted glass vase has a simple design and is the perfect vase or gift for friends and family. Modern art glass vases highlight the personality of home decor. The decorative glass vase is designed with a wide mouth, which is convenient for hands to reach into the vase for cleaning.

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