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Glass Lantern Vase

The glass lantern vase has a spherical lantern shape. The upper spherical vase is made of glass hand-blown and the lower part is made of metal circles. This spherical glass vase features a textured leaf pattern, this decorative glass vase brings uniqueness to home decor.

Hand Blown Art Glass Vases

Model Number: YF-22031001

Material: Glass and metal

Color: green, brown

Shape: spherical lantern shape

Size: 8*16*8.5cm, 10.5*28*9.5cm

Glass Lantern Vase Wholesale

We offer this spherical lantern glass vases in two different colors: green and brown. Each color vase is available in two sizes.

The spherical lantern vase features a wide mouth for easier flower arrangement. The unique lantern shape is matched with different flowers, which is elegant and unique.

The lantern glass vase adopts a combination of metal and glass, and the glass vase presents the vein texture of leaves. Clear texture and crystal clear glass reveal an artistic texture.

The hand-made glass vase has a round mouth, and the bottom of the bottle is made of metal wire drawing technology, which is thick and stable.

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