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Glass Droppers For Essential Oils

The essential oil glass bottle adopts a dropper sealing type. The capacity of Glass Droppers For Essential Oils is 40 ml, the color is available to white and brown.

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Glass Droppers For Essential Oils

Model Number: YF-GD02

Capacity: 40 ml

Shape: Round

Sealing Type: Dropper

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Usage: Essential Oil Packing

Glass Droppers For Essential Oils Supplier​

Yafu Glass provides Glass Droppers for Essential Oils of various sizes, which are convenient for consumers to carry. The material of the glass bottle is safer. 

We use environmentally friendly materials for production, and the quality inspection equipment is rigorous to ensure the quality of the products. 

The cosmetic glass bottle has strong compatibility, sealing, and applicability, and is a cosmetic glass bottle trusted by users.

Essential Oils Bottles for Sale
Empty Essential Oil Bottles

Why choose glass bottles for essential oils?

Glass bottles are relatively stable and do not easily react chemically with essential oils. And like general plastic bottles, including some plastic-like sub-bottles are not very ideal.

When holding essential oils, some harmful substances are easily folded out, because some essential oils are highly volatile and their molecular structures are not very stable.

Glass Droppers For Essential Oils
Glass Containers For Essential Oils

Dark Glass Bottles for Essential Oils

Use dark glass bottles, mainly to prevent some essential oils from photosensitizing. Therefore, most essential oils are contained in brown glass bottles. 

Because dark glass bottles are not easy to be exposed to ultraviolet rays and deteriorate. Bottles made of other materials can easily cause the oxidation of essential oils and also deteriorate.

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