Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Essential Oil Roller Bottles adopt glass material and an alum lid. Rollerball bottles have a small 5ml capacity, and a ball is installed at the bottle head. The balls on the head are made of stainless steel. We offer different color essential oils bottles.

Glass Roller Bottles For Essential Oils

Model Number: YF-EOB02

Material: Glass

Volume: 5ml

Color: blue/yellow/purple/orange

Sealing Type: Screw

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Roller Ball Bottles For Essential Oils
Roller For Essential Oils

Roller bottles, also known as roller ball bottles, a relatively common packaging bottles at present and are widely used by people. It can be applied evenly, prevent liquid leakage, and also have a massage effect.

Glass Bottles is an ideal packaging container for essential oils, beauty essential oils, skincare essential oils, and other essential oils. The essential oil bottle has a screw mouth, and can also be equipped with various exquisite caps, such as spray caps, dropper caps, etc.

Essential Oil Bottles Wholesale
Essential Oil Container

Essential Oil Roller Bottles Advantage

The raw materials of essential oil roller bottles are all made of soda-lime glass. The formed essential oil bottle has acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The essential oil bottle is bright in color and beautiful in appearance.

The essential oil bottle has a beautiful appearance to ensure that the essential oil does not volatilize and will not cause oil leakage. No oxidation, no bursting.

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