Gourd Shape Amber Glass Roller Bottles

Amber glass roller bottles are gourd-shaped and can be used as packaging for cosmetic eye cream, perfume, lip balm, face cream, essential oil, and medicine. The glass roller bottle can evenly apply the essential oil to the skin. Its advantage is that the amount is very economical, can be used more times, and liquid is not easy to volatilize.

Amber Glass Roller Bottles

Model Number: YF-EOB08

Capacity: 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

Shape: Gourd Shape

Color: Amber

Sealing Type: Screw

Gourd Shaped Glass Amber Roller Bottles
Gourd Shape Amber Roller Bottles

We have a variety of brown glass bottles ranging from 10ml to 100ml. Amber glass essential oil roller bottle adopts a threaded mouth, and an aluminum alloy lid can effectively prevent leakage.

Amber Glass Roller Bottles Features

10ml Amber Glass Roller Bottles
Amber Glass Essential Oil Bottles

The gourd-shaped glass bottle head is mounted with ball bearings, so that people can evenly apply, prevent liquid leakage, and also has a massage effect. Our ball part adopts a leak-proof design, to prevent a large amount of essential oil from flowing out.

The balls on the roller bottle come in plastic and stainless steel balls. Common cosmetics eye cream bottles use stainless steel balls, while cheap products such as lipstick are made of plastic.

Plastic ball amber glass roller bottles are used for eye cream, which can be directly applied to the skin around the eyes. It can be evenly applied and has a massage effect, which helps to eliminate eye wrinkles and eye fatigue. The cool touch of the ball helps to eliminate eye puffiness and is easy to use.

Gourd Amber Roller Bottles
Glass Bottle Caps

Custom Gourd Shape Glass Roller Bottles

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale gourd-shaped amber glass bottles with different lids, such as amber glass roller bottles, amber glass dropper bottles, and amber glass spray bottles.

Essential oil roller ball bottles are made of corrosion-resistant glass, thick and smooth. Brown and dark glass bottles protect essential oils from harmful UV rays to prevent them from evaporating quickly.

We can also customize the color of gourd shape glass bottles according to customers’ needs, such as gold, black, or others.

Gold Glass Essential Oil Bottles
Black Glass Essential Oil Bottles

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