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Gold Roller Bottles

The gold roller bottles are made of high-quality glass, and the glass roller bottles for essential oils capacity includes 3ml, 6ml, and 12ml. The essential oil roller ball fits well with the glass bottle, which can effectively prevent liquid leakage.

Gold Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Model Number: YF-GR04

Material: Glass

Capacity: 3ml, 6ml, 12ml

Color: Gold

Shape: Octagon

Size: 2.8*7.5cm, 2.5*6cm, 2.2*5.2cm

This essential oil glass bottle and lid are laser coated, and the gold-plated octagonal glass bottles with lids have a stylish look. The vintage luxurious golden glass bottle features an elegant decorative pattern in a Middle Eastern style.

The glass roll-on essential oil bottles are small enough to store in your bag. They are easy to carry, and suitable for travel and daily use. Gold roller bottles protect essential oils from UV rays and prevent rapid evaporation. The beautiful luxury look makes your essential oils look extra special.

Gold Roller Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a manufacturer specializing in the production of glass bottles, our essential oil glass bottles are made of thick glass, which is corrosion-resistant and shock-resistant. We have a variety of laser-coated glass bottles with lids: gold, red, black, and silver.

The threaded glass bottle mouth is paired with a gold-plated cap for a snug fit, effectively preventing any liquid from leaking. The roll-on balls allow a very small amount of essential oils to come out as you glide the ball over the skin. The roller ball evenly distributes essential oils as it rolls over the skin.

These glass roller bottles are widely used as essential oil bottles, perfume bottles, or lip oil tubes. We can use these empty refillable rollers to store any DIY oils, face serums, or perfumes. The gold roller bottles exude dazzling light in the sun, exuding a noble temperament.

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