Glass Cream Jar

Yafu Glass mainly offers glass bottles and jars for cosmetic packaging. The class cream jar adopts the frosted glass, the capacity is 3g and 5g. The glass jar can be recycled and reused without pollution to the environment.

Glass Cream Jars

Model Number: YF-GCJ01

Volume: 3g/5g

Color: Clear

Material: Frosted Glass

Sealing Type: Screw

Cream Water Bottle
Cream Glass Bottle

Glass Cream Jar Features

The glass cream jar has good stability and barrier properties, is non-toxic and tasteless, is not easy to chemically react with skincare products, and is not easy to deteriorate.

The glass cream jar has good transparency, the contents are clearly visible, and the “face value + effect” conveys a high-level feeling to consumers.

The glass cream bottle has good rigidity, is not easy to deform, and is heavier in weight. Consumers have more weight in their hands and feel more material.

Face Cream Bottle
Empty Cream Jar

Cosmetic Container Packaging Materials

Cosmetic container packaging materials are nothing more than three categories of glass bottles, plastic bottles, and hoses, which all play different important roles in cosmetic packaging. However, there is such a special phenomenon in the cosmetics industry, that is, high-end cosmetics prefer glass bottle packaging.

Glass cream jars have good temperature tolerance and can be sterilized at high temperatures and stored at low temperatures; glass bottles are more convenient and more thorough to sterilize than plastic bottles.

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