Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

The essential oil dropper bottles are made of glass and have a capacity of 15ml and 30ml. We offer glass bottles in blue, amber, and pink different colors.

Essential Oil Bottles Suppliers

Model Number: YF-EOB01

Volume: 15ml/30ml

Material: Glass

Color: blue /amber/pink

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

Use: Essential Oil Packaging

Amber Essential Oil Bottle
Essential Oil Bottle with Dropper

Essential Oil Dropper Bottles Features

  1. The essential oil dropper bottles can make the amount of use very accurate, without wasting the product.
  2. No direct contact with the skin, less contact with the air, and it is not easy to contaminate the product.
  3. The essential oil bottle with the dropper design has better sealing performance and is more convenient to use.
Glass Bottles For Essential Oils
Essential Oil Perfume Bottles

Dropper Bottle Packaging Applications

Not all skin care products can be taken with a dropper, and the dropper packaging also has many requirements for the product itself.

  1. It has to be liquid and not too viscous, otherwise, it will be difficult to suck into the dropper;
  2. Because of the limited capacity of the dropper, it cannot be a product that is taken in large quantities;
  3. It is also not suitable for use with a dropper due to the ability of alkalis and oils to react with rubber.
Blue Essential Oil Bottles
Pink Essential Oil Dropper Bottle

Essential Oil Bottle with Dropper

The characteristics of the product determine the packaging of the product, and the packaging is also to show the characteristics of the product more.

The essential oil glass bottle with dropper as the medium realizes the isolation and hygiene maintenance of the colony group with the dual connotation of space sense and spiritual construction. The essential oil dropper bottles adopt a dropper-type design that can be controlled in equal amounts, which enhances the sense of cleanliness in use.

Essential Oil Bottles Suppliers
Essential Oil Dropper

Glass Bottle with Dropper​

The glass dropper bottles will give consumers a sense of technology, and it feels like an experiment in a laboratory. Products that are usually designed as droppers are indeed more expensive, such as essential oils and serums, which are used in small doses.

From the perspective of packaging materials, such a design can control the amount during use, and consumers can clearly see the dose when the hand is pressed and dropped. This method of use can prevent hands from touching the paste, avoid contaminants, be safer and more hygienic, and have a longer shelf life.

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