10ml Arabian Perfume Bottles

The color of Arabian perfume bottles is mostly gold, which means it is as precious as gold. Traditional Arabic perfume is in the form of oil, and its raw material is extracted from the balsam of the agarwood trunk. Because this balm is so precious, the price of traditional Arabic perfume is on the high side. 

Model Number: YF-PGB25

Capacity: 10ml

Color: Gold, Silver

Shape: Round

Size: 6.5*11.5cm

Arabic Perfume Bottle
Arabian Perfume Bottle

These Arabic perfume bottles are made of high quality alloy and thick glass material. The glass perfume bottle features a retro style and a threaded mouth that matches the cap. For oily perfumes, Arabian perfume bottles will be designed with national, regional, and cultural characteristics.

Arabian Glass Perfume Bottle
Arabic Silver Perfume Bottle

Arabian perfume bottles with drip caps are well sealed and can effectively prevent any liquid leakage. They are sturdy and shockproof and can be used repeatedly.

Arabian Perfume Bottles Wholesale

These refillable empty Arabian perfume bottles are designed with electroplating, gold plating and inlay, Middle Eastern style, noble and charming, full of retro style. Vintage essential oil bottles are made of high quality glass and metal. Metal pieces are decorative and protective, lightweight and durable, and look expensive and luxurious.

Arabian Perfume Bottles

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

Taibo Glass customizes and designs a variety of glass bottles for storing essential oils and perfume products. High quality glass bottles will ensure your oils are well stored and protected. We provide various customized services, spray color, hot stamping, screen printing, frosting, spray painting, electroplating, etc.

Arabic Perfume Glass Bottles
Arabic Gold Perfume Bottles

These empty glass dropper bottles can be used to store essential oils, perfumes, solvents, and other liquids for daily eye, face, and body care. Pack your favorite perfume into a refillable bottle. Their compact size makes them suitable for travel, vacations, and outings.

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