Geometric Glass Vase

The geometric glass vase features an octagonal design, and gold edging gives the vase a sleek and sophisticated look. The decorative vase is made of soda lime glass, which is thick and durable. The three-dimensional geometric design brings a touch of surprise to the vision. The regular octagonal glass looks sharp, giving people a simple and capable feeling.

Tall Colored Glass Vases

Model Number: YF-GV017

Material: Glass

Color: Grey, Green, Pink

Shape: Octagon

Size: 11*25cm, 13*30.5cm

Large Colored Glass Vases
Colored Glass Vases

The geometric glass vase has a minimalist style, and the gradient color vase is suitable for various styles. The minimalist style translucent glass vase with gold rim is a very stylish decorative vase, with a simple bouquet, it can create a different home atmosphere.

Geometric Glass Vase Features

Colored Flower Vase
Geometric Glass Vase with Gold Rim

The glass vase mouth is cold-cut, smooth and delicate, not easy to scratch hands. The narrow mouth design of the glass vase makes flower arrangement easier, whether it is a bouquet or several flowers. The thickened diamond bottom makes the glass vase stand firmly.

The modern glass vase has a stylish look and is suitable for any occasion, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, cafe, bar, etc. They are beautiful additions to wedding arrangements.

Colored Glass Vases Bulk
Colored Vases In Bulk

Geometric Glass Vases Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale geometric glass vases in different shapes. The glass vase has been carefully polished, and the mouth is round and does not cut hands. The exquisite vase body and thickened bottom can be placed stably.

The style of the geometric glass vase is simple, and it can be matched with different styles in different environments. The simple shape can better bring out the beauty of flowers, and both florists and flowers like it very much.

For decorative glass vases, color is not the most important thing. Although the colors are different, several colored glass vases of the same shape are put together, and the elegant colors and lines give the space a layered look.

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