Home Decor Glass Vases and Bottles

The glass bottles tied with twine are beautiful home decor glass vases. We can pour water into a glass bottle and insert a flower or plant. The glass bottle with plants brings a strong natural flavor and gives us a special flavor.

A simple bottle, even an original label, with a flower in it may take on a unique aesthetic. If several glass bottles of different colors are combined, the effect may be even more stunning.

Home decoration glass vases can be wine bottles, juice bottles, beer bottles, oil bottles, and other empty bottles. Various glass bottles are made from recycled materials and can become unique decorations.

Home Decor Glass Vases Wholesale

DIY glass bottle decoration is a lot of fun and takes time and effort to achieve. Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass bottles in different shapes and colors. You can follow the style and color you like.

Each glass bottle has its own unique style. The glass bottle is transparent and clean, with different shapes and beautiful colors, adding an artistic atmosphere. Put the messy flowers into the bottle in an orderly manner, and the home decor glass vases with beautiful bouquets will make your home life more interesting.

Exquisite vase flower arrangement first requires a vase with suitable flowers. We need to know that the posture and color of each flower are different, so we must be appropriate when choosing a vase for these flowers.

Usually, if the flowers are mainly straight lines, it is very suitable to choose a thin and straight vase. A large number of flowers is more suitable for a vase with a bulging belly. As for artistic flower arrangements, artistic glass vases are required.

Our home decor glass vases are hand-blown, and the mouth of the bottle is cold-cut, smooth, and delicate, not easy to scratch your hands. The decorative glass vases are simple, and can be matched with different bouquets, making them extraordinarily fresh and elegant.

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