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Empty Glass Diffuser Bottles

The empty glass diffuser bottles adopt a flat shape and are made of high-quality glass materials, which are safe, environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable. Simply put essential oils and diffuser reeds into the glass diffuser bottle, and the scent diffuses to freshen the air.

Empty Glass Diffuser Bottle

Model Number: YF-DB05

Capacity: 150ml

Color: Brown, Clear, Gray, Pink

Material: Glass

Shape: Flat Round

Size: 7.4*3.6*12.7cm

We have empty glass diffuser bottle in many colors, Brown, Clear, Gray, and Pink. The glass bottle is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals that would leach into the oil. This ensures that the essential oils remain pure and uncontaminated.

Empty glass diffuser bottles with plugs have good airtightness and the perfume will not evaporate. These flat glass bottles can also be used as decorative vases and perfume bottles.

Glass diffuser bottles offer many advantages and are the best choice for your aromatherapy needs. They are more durable than plastic or ceramic bottles, which can easily crack or break when dropped.

Empty Glass Diffuser Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass diffuser bottles in different colors and shapes. Empty glass diffuser bottles are more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. Glass is a recyclable material that can be reused many times.

In addition to fragrance, the aromatherapy packaging must also have strong brand attributes in visual design. Both the bottle body and the packaging design have relatively high requirements for material technology.

Glass bottles have better luster, appearance, craftsmanship and a variety of shapes, which also provide new options for aromatherapy packaging.

Coloured glass diffuser bottles can preserve the potency of essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that lose their healing properties when exposed to sunlight or heat. Glass diffuser bottles are opaque to protect your oils from light and heat, ensuring they retain their potency and effectiveness for longer.

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