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Glass Vase With Gold Rim

The glass vase with gold rim is made of solid translucent crystal glass with a glossy smoky finish. Thick glass vases are suitable for displaying a variety of hay, fresh flowers and bouquets. The gold trim on the top gives the glass vase an elegant look.

Glass Vases With Gold Rim

Model Number: YF-GV010

Material: Glass

Color: Smoked Gray

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Round

We have three different sizes of glass vases with gold rim to choose from. The round body design of the glass vase makes the vase look sleek, stylish and sophisticated. Clear glass cylinder vases are made of high quality glass to maximize content visibility.

Each vase features thick glass walls and a weighted base for durability. The narrow mouth design of the vase is perfect for a single flower or a bunch of flowers. The widened base makes the vase not easy to overturn, stable and reliable.

This glass vase has a large opening for easy cleaning. Gold edging gives glass vases a sophisticated and expensive look that enhances the taste of a room. Glass vases with gold trim are perfect for bouquet flower arrangements, branch roses, orchids, dried flowers or vase fillers.

Glass Vase With Gold Rim Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer and wholesale glass vase with gold rim in different colors and shapes. Our glass vases are hand-blown and processed with strict craftsmanship, making each vase a work of art.

The Yafu glass vase is made of high quality glass with a thickened bottom which is strong, durable, leak proof and easy to clean. Our workmanship is exquisite, the bottle mouth is polished and smooth, the bottom of the bottle is thickened and not easy to shake, the bottle body is crystal clear, and the texture is upgraded.

This luxurious glass vase with gold rim is elegant and sophisticated. Gold-plated edges and colors are used as the color matching of the vase, which is very unique.

Glass vase with gold rim as modern art decoration, perfect for home, office, cafe, bar, etc. Decorative glass vases are great gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Housewarming, Holidays, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary.

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