Glass Face Vase

The glass face vase is an abstract tabletop craft, perfect for decorating your office, bedroom, living room, and more. The face-shaped vase is made of lead-free glass, which is beautiful and practical. It can be placed alone or arranged in flowers, full of artistic life.

Glass Face Vases

Model Number: YF-GV016

Material: Glass

Color: Brown, Gray, Clear

Shape: Human Face

Size: 24*9cm, 31*12cm

Abstract Human Face Glass Vases
Abstract Glass Face Vases

We have abstract human face glass vases in different colors, and each color comes in two sizes. Human face art glass vases are very suitable for growing hydroponic plants, and can also be used to insert artificial flowers, dry branches of trees, etc.

This art glass vase has a lifelike depiction of a human face. The vase is designed with a large diameter, and the mouth is round and delicate, which is convenient for flower arrangement. The bottom of the bottle is thick and flat, and it is stable and does not fall over.

Abstract Glass Face Vase Supplier

Abstract Face Vase Decoration
Creative Glass Face Vase

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer abstract glass face vases in different shapes. The art vases are full of unique personalities, showing changeable styles and interesting shapes and textures.

These creative human face glass vases are elegant and chic, with unique bottle shapes and textures, refreshing. The crystal clear glass and unique human face shape give people a sense of novelty that shines at the moment.

This flower arrangement glass vase will make the flowers look chic and delicate, and the decoration effect is very good.

Abstract Face Glass Vase
Abstract Glass Vases

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