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White Frosted Glass Vase

The white frosted glass vase has a simple shape, the bottle body is thickened, and the bottom is stable. The matte textured vase has a streamlined shape, making the whole more three-dimensional and full of a rich artistic atmosphere.

White Frosted Glass Vase

Model Number: YF-GV013

Material: Glass

Color: White

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Round

Size: 8*25cm, 8*16cm, 6*22cm

We offer 3 different shapes of tall glass bud vases. White frosted glass vases have no intricate textures, they are very elegant and perfect for home decor. Frosted glass bottles present different textures. It can be used for decoration or flower arrangement.

The frosted glass vase adopts a beveled mouth, which is smooth and does not scratch the hand, and is more suitable for dried flowers. The bottom of the bottle is non-slip, and the middle part has no bottom design.

The white and simple cylindrical shape of the frosted glass vase stands out in a colorful room. Since this vase is white, adding a set of colorful flowers to the vase will create an amazing contrast.

White Frosted Glass Vase Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale white frosted glass vases in different shapes. Our frosted glass vases are rich in styles, which can make simple and elegant flowers have a soul-stirring appearance.

Our glass vases are hand-blown from natural and environmentally friendly glass materials, and the thick materials enhance the load-bearing effect.

Whether your style is contemporary or antique, these frosted glass vases can fit any type of home wedding table, table decoration, and more. Simply add a stemmed flower to a glass vase for a quick table setting.

White frosted glass vases not only serve as containers for flowers, but also as a piece of art to decorate our home. The overall craftsmanship of the frosted vase is impeccable, with a thick texture, simple yet atmospheric, and adds more color to your home.

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