12oz Vampire Wine Glass

The vampire wine glass has a unique shape that integrates the glass cup and straw. The straw is connected to the bottom of the glass, allowing you to drink directly. This clear glass wine glass holds 12 ounces. This vampire glass serves juice, wine, and cocktails.

Vampire Wine Glasses

Model Number: YF-GC038

Capacity: 110ml, 220ml, 320ml, 340ml, 350ml

Color: Clear

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Size: 9*17.3cm, 5*17cm, 7.5*14cm, 5.5*13cm, 5*19cm

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We offer vampire glasses in various shapes, they can hold 110ml to 360ml of wine. They are handmade from high borosilicate glass. The unique design of the glass body and straw makes them look like a work of art.

Vampire Glass
Vampire Wine Glass
Vampire Cocktail Glasses
Vampire Glass Wine Goblets
Vampire Glass Cups

The sophisticated Vampire Wine Glass will complement any tabletop, and the long tail design makes the Glass Goblets great decoration. Vampire cocktail glasses are available in a variety of combinations, and their unique and novel shapes are perfect for restaurants, bars, and parties.

Vampire Wine Glass Features

Vampire Glasses Wholesale
Vampire Glasses with Straw
Vampire Cocktail Glasses Bulk
  • Each vampire glass is hand blown and carefully shaped by artisans.
  • The highly transparent glass easily shows the color of the cocktail.
  • These glass cups have built-in straws and are easy to hold.
  • This unique glass is suitable for cocktails, champagne, juices, cold drinks and more.

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