150ml 300ml Mountain Glass Cups

The crystal clear creative mountain glass cups look like a beautiful landscape. The Mount Fuji glass with handle is comfortable and provides visual enjoyment. Smooth glass walls showcase the majestic mountain peaks at these unique glass bases.

Mountain Glass Cups Bulk

Model Number: YF-GC037

Capacity: 150ml, 280ml, 300ml

Color: Clear, Green, Amber, Gray

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 7*7cm, 6.5*13cm, 8*9

Mountain Glass Whiskey Cup
Mountain Glass Beer Cup with Handle
Mountain Borosilicate Glass Cups
Mountain Glass Beer Cups
Custom Mountain Glass Cups

We have mountain glass cups with different capacities: 150ml, 280ml, and 300ml. These bulk glass cups feature three-dimensional mountains on the bottom, which are both eye-catching and practical. They can be used to enjoy cocktails, spirits, vodka, juice drinks, tea, coffee and more.

Mountain Glass Cups Features

Bulk Clear Mountain Glass Cups
Mt Glass Cups
Clear Mountain Glass Cups
  • Adopt high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material, safe and healthy.
  • The round mouth of the glass cup is smooth and delicate, making drinking more comfortable.
  • The Mount Fuji Glass has a thick bottom and is stable on the table.
  • The bottom uses a three-dimensional mountain range to provide a 360° view of the mountains.
  • The surface of the glass is smooth and easy to clean. 

Creative Mt Glasses Wholesale

Colored Mountain Glass Cups
Mountain Glass Cups Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glasses manufacturer, we produce and wholesale Mount Fuji glass cups in various colors. We also provide OEM and ODM services, such as customizing the logo, spraying color, putting notes on the glass, etc. These personalized tumblers can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

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