300ml Creative Mount Fuji Glasses

The mount fuji glasses adopt a creative snow mountain thickened base design, which adds to the luxurious feel of the wine glasses. We have mt fuji whiskey glasses in high and low styles, they can hold 230ml and 300ml beer. These beautiful mt fuji glasses are suitable for drinking various alcoholic drinks, such as whiskey, brandy, plum wine, cocktails, soju, etc.

Mount Fuji Glasses in Bulk

Model Number: YF-GC036

Capacity: 230ml, 300ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 9*9.5cm, 7.3*14.9cm

Gray Mount Fuji Glasses
Colored Mount Fuji Glasses
Amber Mount Fuji Glasses

We have mount fuji glasses in four colors, namely clear, amber, colorful, and gray. These Mount Fuji glasses are handcrafted from high-quality glass. The bottom of the thickened glass is hollowed out to reflect the snow-capped mountains, creating a beautiful shape. The wine glasses can refract the color of the liquid through light, making Mount Fuji appear colorful.

Mt Fuji Whisky Glasses
Fuji Whiskey Glasses

Mount Fuji Glasses Features

  • The wine glass is made of high-quality lead-free glass, and the mouth of the glass is smooth and delicate to the touch.
  • The bottom of the glass is designed with a three-dimensional Mount Fuji pattern, which is smart and realistic.

Custom Mountain Glass Cups Manufacturer

Mt Fuji Wine Glass Cups
Mount Fuji Beer Glasses
Mt Fuji Beer Glasses

Yafu Glass is a professional glass cup manufacturer, we can custom different colors of Mountain Glass Cups. They are perfect for any beverage such as wine, cocktails, juice, beer, whiskey, ice water and more. Our wine glasses are made from lead-free glass and do not contain harmful heavy metals lead and barium. High-quality glass makes it healthy and durable for daily use.

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