Champagne Cocktail Glasses

The champagne cocktail glasses are designed in the shape of petals, and the creative glass goblets are available in 230ml and 380ml sizes. Cocktail glasses are crucial as a carrier for wine. The right glass stemware can enhance the beauty of your cocktail.

Clear Cocktail Cups

Model Number: YF-GC039

Capacity: 230ml, 380ml

Color: Clear, Pink, Green, Blue

Material: Glass

Shape: Petal Shape

Size: 9.9*14cm, 8.5*20cm

Goblet Cocktail Glass
Champagne Cocktail Glasses
Green Champagne Cocktail Glasses
Cocktail Goblet
Blue Champagne Cocktail Glasses

We have champagne cocktail glasses in various colors: Clear, Pink, Green, Dark Green, and Blue. These color Stemware Glasses are made from lead-free glass. They have a simple shape with finely crafted flower shapes and smooth curves.

Champagne Cocktail Glasses Features

Champagne Cocktail Glass Goblets
Champagne Cocktail Glass Cups
  • The mouth of the cup is round, delicate and polished, bringing you a comfortable experience.
  • The wine glass is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
  • There is a slender handle at the bottom and an approximately cylindrical top.
  • The thickened glass base makes it stable and reduces the risk of breakage.

Drinking Goblets Wholesale

Champagne Cocktail Glasses for Sale
Cocktail Glass Goblets

Yafu Glass is a professional glass cup manufacturer, we manufacture and wholesale drinking goblets of various sizes and shapes. Our glass cups are sturdy, comfortable to touch, and look luxurious and elegant.

Our goblet wine glass cups are widely suitable for bars, restaurants, parties, families and other occasions. They’re perfect for water, juice, iced tea, ice cream, milkshakes, beer, wine, whiskey, cocktails and more.

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