Gold Rimmed Goblets

We have two different sizes of gold rimmed goblets, 220ml and 600ml, which can be used as champagne cocktail glasses and wine glasses. Each glass stemware features a beautiful gold rim and diamond stem.

Gold Drinking Goblets

Model Number: YF-GC040

Capacity: 220ml, 600ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 7.5*28cm, 8*25cm

Crystal Wine Glasses With Gold Rim
Water Goblets With Gold Trim

These gold-rimmed wine glasses are hand-blown, and the delicate diamond stems give the champagne glass an even more elegant and sophisticated appearance. Each cocktail glass features a gold rim design that creates a sense of understated luxury, perfect for any party, wedding, and other events.

Gold Rimmed Goblets Features

Gold Rimmed Wine Goblets
Gold Rimmed Goblets
  • Gold rimmed goblets have smooth and round mouths and are decorated with gold edges, making them luxurious and beautiful.
  • The stem of the goblet is dazzlingly inlaid with diamonds.
  • The glass goblet has a thick base and a very stable center of gravity, making it safe to place.

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