500ml Creative Bullet Shot Glasses

The bullet shot glasses have a unique design that combines fragile glass with hard bullets. A bullet is blocked by the flimsy wall of the glass, giving it a cool appearance. The bullet can used as a handle to easily hold the wine glass.

Bullet Shot Glasses Bulk

Model Number: YF-GC035

Capacity: 55ml, 270ml, 385ml, 500ml, 560ml

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 5*6cm, 7.5*9.3cm, 7.7*13.2cm, 8.8*14.7cm, 7*12cm

Bullet Shot Glass
Bullet Shot Glass Cup
Bullet Shot Glass Mug

We have bullet shot glasses in various capacities: 55ml, 270ml, 385ml, 500ml, 560ml. They come in different shapes, including stemless glass wine glasses and glass mugs with handles.

Bullet Shot Wine Glasses
Bullet Shot Glass Cups

The bullet shooting wine glass is made of high-quality glass material, which is environmentally friendly, healthy, safe and durable. The careful design of the bullet head embedding gives the glass an overall sense of layering and visual impact.

Bullet Shot Glasses Features

Bullet Shot Glasses Wholesale
Bullet Shot Glass with Handle
  • The bullet shoot glass uses a cold-cut tempering process to make the rim smooth and curl-free.
  • The glass wine cup adopts bullet-inlaid hand-made craftsmanship, which cleverly integrates the bullet and the cup.
  • The glass cups have thick and flat bases, making them sit smoothly on the table.

Custom Wine Glasses

Custom Bullet Shot Glasses
Creative Bullet Shot Wine Glasses
Creative Transparent Bullet Cup

Yafu Glass is a professional glass cup manufacturer, we can custom different styles of glass bullet cups. They are perfect for any beverage such as wine, cocktails, juice, beer, whiskey, ice water and more. Our wine glasses are made from lead-free glass and do not contain harmful heavy metals lead and barium. High-quality glass makes it healthy and durable for daily use.

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