Whiskey Glass Cups

The whiskey glass cups are made of high-quality clear lead-free crystal glass and can hold up to 150ml drinks. The raised lattice increases the friction when holding the whisky glass in hand, making it difficult to slip. The diamond pattern shimmers in the light.

Thick Creative Wine Glasses

Model Number: YF-GC017

Capacity: 150ml

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Size: 8*7.5cm

Glass Tumbler for Scotch
Personalized Whiskey Cups

These thickened whiskey glasses are perfect for friends who love whiskey, cocktails, brandy, mixed drinks, liquor, vodka, tequila, gin, or juice.

Whiskey Glass Cups Features

Whiskey Glass Cups with Flat Bottom
  • Thickened glass walls help keep drinks at the perfect temperature. The heavy bottom holds large ice cubes.
  • This cocktail glass cup is designed with a sturdy and heavy base, and the polished heavy base ensures excellent stability.
  • The textured whisky glass makes for a more comfortable feel.
  • These heavy whisky glass cups are easy to clean dishwasher safe and sanitizer safe.

Creative Whiskey Glasses Manufacturer

Whiskey Glass Cups with Wooden Base
Crystal Whiskey Glass Cups

In addition to flat-bottomed whiskey glass cups, we also offer wholesale creative revolving glass cups and wooden bases. These whisky glasses have excellent domed bottoms for easy rotation.

The Creative Spinning Glass Cup has a thick bottom and thick walls, which is sturdy and durable, and spins elegantly and smoothly on a wooden coaster.

Tilting Crystal Whiskey Glasses
Whiskey Cup Set

Spinning Glass Cups

The rotating design of the glass tumbler not only adds a perfect complement to the drinking experience, but also becomes stylish and impressive. Stylish whiskey glass cups are perfect for parties, bars, restaurants, and homes. Its swivel feature adds even more ambiance to any gathering.

The uniquely designed wooden tray is a pleasant surprise. The delicately rounded bottom and outer ring of the cup can be used as a coaster or lid. Thickened wooden coasters ensure long-lasting durability, better protect and secure whisky glass cups, and decorate tabletops.

The whiskey swivel glass cup with wooden base is suitable for bourbon, scotch, vodka, cocktails, tequila, gin, cognac, rum, red wine, beer, etc. It can also be used to hold juice, Iced tea, and other beverages.

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