Glass and Gold Vase

The glass and gold vase adopts Nordic light luxury style. The oval glass bottle is smooth and delicate, transparent and clean, bringing the theme to the space with a more textured attitude. This vase measures 18cm in diameter and 35cm in height.

Diamond Glass Vase

Model Number: YF-GV008

Material: Crystal Glass

Color: Clear

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Egg Shaped

Size: 18*35cm

Oval Glass Vase
Glass and Gold Vases

This egg-shaped glass vase uses luxurious metal lines to separate the glass, and it looks like a large bird’s egg wrapped in gold. Thickened glass bottom for easy placement. The elegant lines of the glass vase are carefully designed in every part, and the unique pattern adds a touch of beauty to the home.

Vintage Glass Vase With Gold Trim
Large Oval Glass Vase

Egg Shape Glass and Gold Vase Supplier

Yafu Glass manufactures and supplies various styles of glass vases. This beautiful vase has glass crystal grooves on the body, and the gold edge gives it an elegant touch. Crystal items have always been a classic gift. This crystal vase is a great gift for any occasion.

This oval glass and gold vase has a vintage look. Unique glass vases make flower arrangements even more interesting, whether cultivated or artificial. Add a beautiful bouquet, perfect for a wedding centerpiece or table.

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