Find the Best Gold Rimmed Glass Plates

We have various styles of gold rimmed glass plates, round glass plates with gold rims, and square clear gold rimmed charger plates. They can be used as dinner plates, cake plates, pizza plates, dessert plates, and more.

Glass Plates With Gold Trim

The glass plate adopts a special-shaped gold-painted shape. The plate body has clear lines, simple and elegant, bringing a special dining experience. The crystal clear glass has a unique texture that is sparkling and feels great to the touch. A glass plate with gold rim is more than just a piece of tableware, it’s a work of art.

Glass serving plates with gold trims are made of lead-free glass. They are perfect for weddings, parties, receptions and more. Gold-rimmed glass dishes are easy to clean, but are not microwave-safe or dishwasher-safe.

Custom Gold Rimmed Glass Plates

We accept OEM and ODM, customization according to drawings, samples and products. Customized processes include gold tracing, silver tracing, frosting, color matching, electroplating, engraving, etc.

The gold rimmed glass plate series is made of transparent crystal glass. The gold-rimmed glass plate adds a touch of luxury and style. Glass plates of different shapes add character to the dining table, making them exquisite and unique.

The creative leaf-shaped glass plate has smooth lines, smooth and delicate edges, and is full of dynamic beauty. The handmade gold-rimmed glass plate has a thick and solid feel and a beautiful appearance. It is a good choice for making salads, or using it as a photo prop.

The gold rimmed glass plates are made of exquisite craftsmanship, smooth, delicate, and elegant. The glass material shines under the light. The thickened base adopts an anti-slip design, which makes it stable and does not damage the desktop. These unique gold rimmed glass plates can be used as jewelry trays, or can be used to hold dried fruits, snacks, etc.

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