Perfume Bottle with Spherical Cap

The perfume bottle with spherical cap comes in a gradient glass bottle with a coloured spherical cap and has a capacity of 30ml. Empty glass bottles with fine spray are the best refillable containers for liquids like perfume, air freshener, flower water, etc.

30ml Gradient Color Glass Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB17

Capacity: 30ml

Color: Green, Pink, Yellow

Shape: Round

Size: 3.83*9cm

30ml Gradient Color Glass Perfume Bottles

The gradient glass bottle and the matching colored spherical cap make this 30ml glass bottle even more attractive. Glass bottles are safe for perfume, odorless, reusable and durable. The 30ml glass perfume bottle is small and travel-friendly.

Perfume Bottle with Spherical Cap
Gradient Yellow Glass Perfume Bottle with Spherical Cap

Perfume Bottle with Spherical Cap Features

  • Perfume bottles with spherical caps are made of high-quality glass and are available in a variety of gradient colors.
  • The gradient glass bottle looks very textured. The perfume sprayed by the atomizing nozzle is very delicate and light as air.
  • The mouth of the glass bottle is designed with a threaded mouth, so that the perfume in glass bottle will not leak.
  • Spring-loaded buttons provide comfortable use. The nozzle is finely designed and sprays evenly.
  • The small glass perfume bottle with spherical cap can be stored directly in handbags and luggage.
Perfume Glass Bottles with Spherical Caps
Gold Perfume Bottle with Spherical Cap

Perfume Glass Bottle with Cap Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle and jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale the perfume bottles with caps in different shapes and colors. Our glass perfume bottles range in size from 30ml to 100ml, larger or smaller custom sizes are also available.

The 30ml empty glass spray perfume bottle with spherical cap is easy to use and refill. This glass container with a spray head is perfect for storing some of your favorite perfumes, aftershave, makeup remover, etc.

Colored Perfume Bottles with Spherical Caps
Colored Glass Perfume Spray Bottles

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

We mainly produce clear glass bottles, but also provide other custom colors. Glass perfume bottles can be processed by frosting, screen printing, spraying, bronzing, electroplating, etc.

We offer conical, round and square glass perfume bottles to suit different style preferences. Our fragrance spray and cap options are varied and manufactured to match the glass bottle you order.

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