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Square Glass Spice Jars

Square glass spice jars are made of high-quality, lead-free, food-grade glass. Empty glass jars are equipped with shaker lids for easy pouring of dry spices. The large-mouth glass spice jar makes it easy to fill with spices. The square shape maximizes storage space and can be placed on a shelf or in a cupboard.

Square Spice Containers

Model Number: YF-2019102302zcl

Capacity: 85ml/135ml

Shape: Square

Color: Clear

Material: Glass

Lid: Shaker Lids

The clear glass square bottle has a continuous thread neck finish. The clear glass allows you to see the spices clearly. Glass spice shaker can be used to store seasonings, store spices, salt, pepper, herbs, and more.

Glass spice shakers have high transparency and chemical stability, allowing you to see the spices clearly.

Square Glass Spice Jars with Shaker Wholesale

The seasoning jar is made of the lead-free glass material, which is environmentally friendly and safe, and healthy. It is safe and convenient to clean in the dishwasher.

Square glass spice containers use metal shaker caps that spread salt and other seasonings evenly over food. Spices and salts can be named on the label to distinguish them, in order to avoid confusion when cooking.

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