350ml Glass Spice Jar With Spoon

The glass spice jar with spoon is made of clear thickened glass, perfect for storing sugar, pepper and other spices in the kitchen. The square glass jar has a capacity of 350 ml and features a flip-top lid for easy opening.

Empty Glass Spice Jar With Spoon

Model Number: YF-GSJ05

Capacity: 350ml

Shape: Square

Material: Glass

Color: White, Yellow, Green

Size: 8*10.8cm

Yellow Glass Spice Jar With Spoon
Glass Spice Jar With Spoon
Square Glass Spice Jars
Empty Glass Spice Jars
Empty Glass Jars For Spices

We have 3 different colors of glass spice jars with spoons, white, yellow, and green. 3 glass spice storage containers are equipped with a golden rack, which can keep the glass jars neatly arranged. Glass Spice Jars With Rack can be placed on the desktop or wall table, keeping it tidy and clutter-free, freeing up more kitchen space.

Glass Spice Jar With Spoon Features

Cheap Glass Spice Jar
Square Spice Containers with Spoon
Best Glass Jars For Spices
  • Glass Spice Containers With Lids are easy to use and can be held with one hand for easy cooking.
  • Each glass jar comes with a separate small spoon for easy use and even sprinkling of seasonings.
  • The bottom of the glass jar adopts anti-slip and thickened design, which is wear-resistant and durable.
  • The plastic flip-top lid is waterproof and removable, and the top also doubles as a scraper to remove excess spices.
  • The surface of the spice jar lid adopts hot stamping technology, and SPICE JARS increases the texture of the glass jar.
  • The glass spice jar with spoon has a large opening, making it easy to remove and clean. Suitable for various occasions, including home, kitchen, hotel, cafe, restaurant.

Glass Spice Jars Wholesale

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Best Glass Spice Containers

Yafu Glass is a professional manufacturer of glass bottles and jars, we have many styles of bulk glass spice jars. They can store sugar cubes, flour, coffee, and spices, making them a versatile addition to the kitchen.

Our glass spice jars with rack and spoon feature a transparent design. You can see the content at a glance and save valuable time looking for specific spices. Glass spice storage containers add scoops and removable top lids to protect against moisture and dust, and free metal shelves are guaranteed to keep items tidy.

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