Spice Storage Containers Glass Jar

The spice storage containers glass jar contains a stainless steel top, clear thick glass body, ceramic rotor and stainless steel grinder interior. The glass bottle is designed with a smooth curved surface, making it more comfortable to hold. Glass jars with grinder top help grind seasonings quickly and evenly. They are ideal for kitchen and outdoor cooking.

Spice Glass Jars

Model Number: YF-GSJ01

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Capacity: 180ml, 200ml

Usage: Spice Storage

Glass Spice Jars With Grinder Top

Spice storage containers glass jars with grinder tops are available in 180ml and 200ml. They are more convenient to use. The glass jar is designed with a dust cover, to prevent dust from falling into it. It is a manual spice grinder, and can store salt, spices, etc.

Spice Storage Containers Glass Features

Glass Spice Jar With Grinder Top
Spice Glass Jar with Grinder
  • The glass spice jar is made of thick glass, which is strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • The clear thick glass body allows you to quickly differentiate between types, and the wide mouth opens for easy filling.
  • The glass bottle bottom is designed with thick anti-slip threads, making it more stable and safer when placed.
  • This spice grinder uses a high-strength ceramic grinding movement. 
  • The glass spice grinder is small and delicate in appearance and easy to clean.
  • The glass pepper mill is topped with a sealed stainless steel lid, which reduces the entry of water and dust, thus keeping the spices dry.
Glass Spice Bottles With Shaker Lids
Best Glass Jars For Spices

Spice Glass Jar With Grinder Top Using

  1. Put the peppercorns into the glass bottle, close the metal lid tightly. 
  2. Turn the metal lid, and the seasoning will turn into powder. Turn right for fine grinding and left for coarse grinding.

Glass Spice Storage Containers Wholesale

Glass Jars Wholesale For Spice Grinder
Pepper Glass Jars with Grinder

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottles and jars manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass spice storage containers in different shapes and sizes. We also offer different shaker and grinder tops for glass spice jars.

The salt and pepper spice storage containers glass jar set can be used not only as a grinder but also as a storage container for condiments. The glass jar pepper grinder makes grinding spices more convenient, and the easy grinding process makes life simpler and safer.

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