Globe Whiskey Decanter

The globe whisky decanter is hand-blown in lead-free crystal glass. The globe personalized whiskey decanter impresses with a retro yet elegant design that will add sparkle to any room. The whiskey globe decanter impresses and enhances the purity, aroma, and taste of the favorite whisky. The unique whiskey decanter is perfect for Scotch, Chivas, Vodka, and Bourbon.

Modern Whiskey Decanter

Model Number: YF-GWD02

Material: Crystal Glass

Capacity: 500ml

Shape: Globe

Size: 13*21.5cm

The globe whisky decanter has a 500ml capacity. This spherical decanter has a very cute round belly and is very functional. It is loved by everyone. It can fully volatilize the mellow taste of red wine. The glass wine decanter can hold whiskey, vodka, rum, scotch, wine, brandy, liquor, rice wine, juice, gin, and any alcoholic beverage in the bar.

Unique Whiskey Decanter
Globe Whiskey Decanter

Globe Whiskey Decanter Features

  • The globe whiskey decanter comes with spherical glass bottles, wooden trays, corks and pouring funnels.
  • The globe whiskey decanter is made of lead-free glass, it is shiny, safe and durable.
  • The whisky decanter comes with a tight-fitting glass stopper. It can prevent oxidation and help keep the wine fresh and delicious.
  • The glass globe whiskey decanter is placed on a wooden stand to prevent the spillage of wine.
Globe Decanter
Personalized Wine Decanter

Crystal Decanter for Wine

The spherical glass decanter is an indispensable companion for wine. With a decanter, the flavor of the wine can be more perfectly displayed. The decanter can make the aged wine better distribute its aroma and taste its unique flavor.

A good decanter will give red wine new life. The red wine pours out from the mouth of the small bottle, flows through the inner wall of the round bottle in a large area, and fully contacts and oxidizes with the air, and the taste is better. Placing the glass ball on the stand makes the sobering process also very ornamental.

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