Empty Honey Jars

The empty honey jars adopt transparent glass material, the capacity is 350ml. The glass honey jar is shaped like a giant hexagon. The hexagon is a very popular shape in glass honey jar designs as it represents where the honey comes from the beehive.

Honey Jar With Lid

Model Number: YF-GHJ002

Capacity: 350ml

Shape: hexagonal

Lid: Metal Cap, Wooden Lid

Material: Glass

Glass Honey Jar With Dipper
Glass Honey Dipper

The hexagonal honey storage container comes with a wooden lid and dipper for a strong airtight seal. Glass honey jars with lids keep honey fresh for a long time while preventing honey from dripping. The hexagonal glass honey jar with lid can stand firmly on the countertop and will not fall easily. They can also serve as beautiful decorations for countertops to attract attention.

Empty Honey Jars Features

Glass Honey Container
Glass Honey Jars
  • The glass bottom has a non-slip texture and a thick design to keep the honey pot stable. The transparent hexagonal empty glass honey jars can see the food inside.
  • The matching lid and dipper of empty honey jars are made of high-quality natural wood, which is safe and secure to use.
  • The wooden stick is integrated into the cork lid, which makes it easier for you to take honey or syrup and spread it evenly on cookies or bread without soiling more utensils.

Hexagonal Glass Jars with Lids Wholesale

Glass Honey Jars With Lids
Hexagon Honey Jars

We offer different materials for these hexagonal empty honey jars, wooden caps and metal lids.

The wooden cap is perfectly combined with the bottle mouth, and it has a strong airtightness, which can meet the daily needs of the kitchen. The multicolor alumina seal cover is used for a hexagonal glass honey jar, it can seal out air and moisture.

Glass honey jars with lids are the perfect honey storage container, perfect for honey and syrups. It can also store various beans or condiments, such as red beans, soybeans, mung beans, and jams.

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