180ml Round Glass Spice Jars

The round glass spice jars feature new shaker tops for easy pouring and control of small-grained spices. They hold 180ml/6oz of spices and the clear glass jars make it easy to view the contents.

6 oz Round Glass Spice Jar

Model Number: YF-GSJ06

Capacity: 180ml

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Size: 6*11cm

Round Empty Glass Spice Jars

We offer shaker lids for round glass spice jars in 4 colors: brown, blue, pink, and green. These empty glass spice jars are suitable for salt, cumin, chili powder, sugar, pepper, and various small granular seasonings.

Round Glass Spice Jars
Wholesale Glass Spice Jars

The round glass spice jars with shaker lids feature an airtight, dust-proof design to keep spices fresh longer. Just press the button on the lid to dispense an exact amount of 0.5g of seasoning, making your food seasoned easily and accurately every time.

Round Glass Spice Jars Bulk
Round Glass Spice Jars Wholesale

Round Glass Spice Jars Features

Glass Spice Jar with Lid
Round Glass Spice Jars in Bulk
Round Glass Spice Jar with Lid
  • The spice jars are made of high-quality glass and plastic lids, which effectively prevent moisture and dust, ensuring that spices stay fresh and delicious.
  • The round glass jar is ergonomically designed for easy pouring and comfortable to hold and control, making it easy to season food with one-handed operation.

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