Spherical Glass Perfume Bottle

The spherical glass perfume bottle is superbly crafted and comes with a bladder sprayer. The crystal glass bottle is shaped like a pineapple and can hold 100ml of perfume. The air bladder supports the glass perfume bottle, and it only takes a twist to make the spray head thinner and more diffuse.

100ml Spherical Pink Glass Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB18

Capacity: 100ml

Color: Clear, Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow

Shape: Pineapple Shaped

Size: 7*11cm

Empty Glass Perfume Spray Bottles
Empty Purple Glass Perfume Spray Bottle

We have spherical glass perfume bottles in many colors. The exquisite bottle body with colorful tassel air bag is very beautiful and fashionable. The atomization port of the airbag sprayer is small, which reduces the waste of perfume and makes the spray more delicate.

Refillable Glass Perfume Bottles

Spherical Glass Perfume Bottle Features

  • This spherical glass bottle with airbag can be used as a perfume bottle or as a decoration, which is both decorative and practical. 
  • These Empty Perfume Bottles are made of crystal glass material with a very beautiful argyle cut pattern.
  • This perfume bottle features a spare mist tip and a classic tasseled bladder, it is suitable for fragrances, essential liquids, and other skin care liquids. 
  • The colorful glass perfume spray bottle is the best gift for lovers, parents, and friends.
Glass Perfume Spray Bottles
Colorful Glass Perfume Bottle with Spray Atomizer

Glass Perfume Bottle with Airbag Supplier

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we offer wholesale spherical glass perfume bottles with airbag sprayers in various colors. The glass perfume bottles and airbag nozzles can be produced according to customer requirements or sample coloring.

Colorful Spherical Glass Perfume Bottles
Airbag Sprayers for Perfume Bottle

Empty glass perfume bottles are easy to fill and clean, easy to carry and use. The glass bottle body material, good chemical stability, and no release of harmful substances. The alloy nozzle is sturdy and durable, sprays evenly, and is not easy to leak.

The unique stylish appearance of the glass spray bottle makes your perfume unique. The spherical glass perfume bottle is leak-proof with a screw top. Don’t worry about your perfume spilling out of the perfume dispenser.

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