Creative Frosted Glass Cup

The creative frosted glass cup features the face of Monkey King Sun Wukong. This unique glass wine cup is made of thickened glass with a frosted body, which is comfortable to hold and not easy to slip. This Goku glass cup has a beautiful texture and is perfect for drinking tea, beer, coffee, juice, whiskey, cocktails, and more.

Creative Frosted Glass Cup

Model Number: YF-GC019

Capacity: 110ml

Color: Clear, Color

Material: Glass

Shape: Monkey King Face Shaped

Size: 6.7*8cm

Monkey King Wine Cup
Monkey King Color Glass Wine Cup

We have Monkey King creative glass cups in three different colors: clear, frosted, and color. Wukong’s magic spell is painted in gold. This creative frosted glass cup is a three-dimensional embossed glass. The shape of Monkey King is embellished with gold rims, which has a profound artistic conception. The unruly expression of Wukong’s shape tells the struggle against fate.

Creative Frosted Glass Cup

Creative Clear Glass Wine Cup
Frosted Glass Cup
  • The glass tea cup is beautiful in shape, distinct in layers, and prominent in texture. 
  • The gold-painted gold hoop on the glass cup comes to life. 
  • The glass mouth is smooth and delicate, pleasant to the touch. 
  • The glass bottom is round and thick, stable and strong.
Frosted Glass Cups
Creative Buddha Glass Cup

Custom Creative Glass Cup

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale creative frosted glass cups in different shapes and colors. We can also customize the favorite shape and spray colors according to the needs of customers.

Creative Buddha Glass Cups
Creative Frosted Glass Cups

Our creative glass cup is designed with lead-free glass, which improves the light transmission of the glass and is more beautiful while ensuring drinking safety.

The pattern on the glass cup surface makes it easier to hold and prevents slipping. The thickened cup wall is heat-resistant and not easy to break. The thickened base is easy to place and prevents the cup from accidentally slipping off.

These unique glass cups sparkle in the light, feel better in the hand, and impress with their unique shape. The creative frosted glass cup is easy to clean, just wipe gently with a damp cloth.

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