Moving Sand Art In Glass

The moving sand art in glass is a wonderful decorative piece to adorn a home or office. The frame and bracket of the 3D quicksand painting are made of ABS material, and the picture is composed of sealed glass, special sand, colorless liquid, and air bubbles.

3d Quicksand Painting

Model Number: YF-HG02

Material: Glass

Color: Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green

Shape: Round

Size: 23*25cm

Weight: 0.58kg

Deep Sea Moving Sand Pictures Art
Moving Sand Art Picture
Round Glass Moving Sand Pictures Art

We offer round moving sand art in glass in different colors: blue, red, purple, yellow, and green. Every movement of the sand hourglass can create a unique landscape. The smooth motion of the sand relieves stress, relaxes the eyes, and develops patience. Watching the falling sand and changing landscapes, you will feel particularly calm and relaxed.

Moving Sand Art In Glass Features

Moving Sand Art Round
Sandscapes Moving Sand Picture
Moving Sand Pictures
  • The Round Glass of Moving Sand Picture Art is lead-free, and highly transparent, allowing you to fully enjoy the visual beauty of quicksand.
  • The quicksand is fine and layered. Different colors of sand have different proportions, and the falling quicksand forms different scenes.
  • The sand art frame can be rotated freely. Every time you flip the sand painting, it will give you a different picture every time.

Round Glass Moving Sand Pictures Art Using

As temperature and air pressure change, you will sometimes need to adjust the air and water inside your quicksand painting. Glass quicksand artwork is a natural balance of water, sand, and air. The air is suitable at a height of about 5mm, and the sand will reach a better flow rate.

The round glass moving sand pictures art has air conditioning holes. After long-term use, the internal air bubbles can be adjusted to achieve better water flow.

Moving Sandscapes Supplier

Desktop Sandscape
Glass Moving Sand Pictures Art
Square Glass Moving Sand Pictures Art

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass moving sand art in different shapes and sizes.

The sand art frame and base structure are stable and not easy to deform. The color is made of colored sand, which is fine and not cloudy or faded. 3D quicksand painting glass artwork has good imaging effects, clear layers, and strong three-dimensional effects.

The moving sand brings this painting to life. The moving sandscapes paint is equipped with high-transparency glass, which presents a clear picture of the moving sand painting. The exquisite moving sand art in glass presents you with charming scenery, giving you a sense of relaxation and peace during impetuous days.

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