Custom Glass Perfume Bottles

Yafu Glass is a custom glass perfume bottles manufacturer. We have empty perfume glass bottles in various shapes, different colors and capacities. The common capacities of perfume glass bottles are 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. In the glass bottle production process, we will carry out the online management of the bottle container according to the capacity requirements.

Perfume bottles have relatively high requirements on the appearance of the bottle. During production, we will take the uniformity of material feeding as the main appearance standard, and the size of the custom glass perfume bottles must match the drawing, as well as the matching data of the bottle head and the nozzle.

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Glass Perfume Bottles Advantage

There are many types of packaging materials for perfume products, such as glass bottles, aluminum cans, PET blow-molded bottles, and other packaging containers. But, glass bottles are the mainstream perfume containers.

Why do perfume manufacturers choose glass bottles as the main container? There are two main differences from other material containers.

Custom Glass Perfume Bottle

First, the glass perfume bottle has good sealing performance and good chemical stability of the material in the bottle.

Second, in terms of appearance, glass bottles are more textured than plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles Manufacturing

The uniqueness of the material of the perfume glass bottle is highlighted by the diversification of the glass bottle production process.

Due to its unique shape and requirements, each custom glass perfume bottle must be made and reviewed by drawings before making molds. After confirming the feasibility of the product, the 3D model will be made and proofed, and mold development will only be carried out after confirmation.

Empty Glass Perfume Bottles

It takes about 1 month to open the mold. After mold development is completed, the subsequent process of proofing will be carried out. After the proofing is confirmed, the production mold will be opened and then put into production.

The main production method of our custom glass perfume bottles is fully automatic production. The main material component of the empty perfume glass bottle is quartz sand, which is calcined in a kiln at about 1600°C and becomes liquid, then injected into a mold to form, and then annealed and cooled.

Post-processing technology of custom glass perfume bottles: frosted silk screen printing, spray bronzing, electroplating, polishing, etc.

Another difficulty in the production of custom glass perfume bottles lies in the requirement of minimum order quantity. Because the production demand is to control the inventory, it takes 3 hours to control the cold mold and hot mold time when the bottle is online production, and there are some adjustments in the production process that are time-consuming, so there are requirements for the output during production.

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