Glass Marble Candle Jars

The glass marble candle jars are made of thickened lead-free glass, which is smooth in appearance, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant. They are also perfect glass jars for making candles.

Marble Glass Candle Jars

Model Number: YF-GCH12

Shape: Cylinder

Material: Glass

Color: White, Black, Pink, Purple

Size: 6.5*8cm, 5.7*7.4cm

Glass Marble Candle Jars in Bulk
Custom Glass Marble Candle Jars

Glass candle holders adopt marble patterns, it add a contemporary aesthetic, and soft-touch matte finishes complement every decorating style. Marble glass jars are available in 2 colours: white and black.

Glass Marble Candle Jars Features

Marble Glass Jars for Candle Making
Glass Marble Candle Holders
  • The glass marble candle jars for making candles have a thick texture, good heat insulation, and high temperature resistance, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them.
  • Glass candle holders are simple in appearance and extremely malleable, making them suitable for various occasions. 
  • Glass candle holder jars are easy to clean and reusable. These chic glass candle holders are also suitable for home decor, they can sparkle in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and even walls.

Custom Glass Candle Jars Supplier

Glass Marble Candle Jars Wholesale
Glass Marble Candle Jars

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle and jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass candle holders in different shapes. Various styles can be added to the transparent glass jar, such as Christmas tree, logo, etc.

The empty glass jars in bulk can be used for holding candles, makeup brushes, growing succulents, arranging flowers, and even making your own candles. Pour white candles into empty marble jars to add a different color to the candles.

Glass candle holders in bulk can not only be used for weddings, holidays, parties, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, they can also make great home decorations. The soft candlelight in a glass jar adds a warm and romantic vibe and can be used multiple times in a variety of situations.

Scented candles are fragrant and warm when lit, and the empty jars after burning are also very useful. The glass marble candle jars are also easy to clean. Scrape off the rest of the wax, then melt the wax and wipe it off easily with a paper towel.

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