Luxury Glass Cosmetic Bottles

The luxury glass cosmetic bottles are very safe for packaging high-end cosmetics. The glass bottle has good stability and barrier properties, heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, not easy to produce chemical reactions with skin care products, and not easy to deteriorate.

Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Model Number: YF-CBS03

Volume: 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml

Material: Glass

Color: Blue, Black, Red, Clear

Sealing Type: Screw

Surface Handling: Color Spraying

Glass Containers For Cosmetics
Glass Cosmetic Bottles with Dropper Wholesale
Black Glass Cosmetic Bottles

Glass cosmetic bottle set includes Glass Cosmetic Pump Bottle, Glass Cosmetic Spray Bottle, Cosmetic Dropper Bottle, and Empty Glass Cream Jar. These gradient glass bottles are used to hold cosmetic liquids, lotions, or creams.

Cosmetics are packaged in glass bottles, which is more conducive to the preservation of skin care products such as anti-oxidation, anti-aging and whitening effects, because these ingredients are highly active and easily affected by light. In addition, glass bottles have high gas barrier properties, making glass bottles the preferred packaging material for volatile products.

Luxury Glass Cosmetic Bottles Features

Cosmetic Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Bottle Cosmetic Packaging
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  • The glass bottle features a clear, pure and unique design that highlights the ingredients and colors of your cosmetic products.
  • The stylish black glass bottle can not only protect the function of cosmetics, but also must have the desire to attract people to buy and consume.

Empty Glass Cosmetic Bottles Wholesale

Cosmetic Packaging Glass Bottle
Cosmetic Glass Bottles Wholesale
Glass Jars For Cosmetics Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle and jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale empty luxury glass cosmetic bottles and jars in different colors: Blue, Black, Red, and Clear.

We have an experienced and skilled production team, a sound quality inspection system, and after-sales service, to provide customers with unique creative, innovative design, beautiful and generous products.

Glass Cosmetic Spray Bottle
Glass Jar Cosmetic Packaging

Our empty luxury glass cosmetic bottles are widely used in the skincare cosmetic industry, including essential oil bottles, perfume bottles, lotion bottles, liquid foundation bottles, nail polish bottles and other products.

Yafu Glass provides a full range of services, from mold opening, sample, production, frosting, screen printing, color spraying, hot stamping, electroplating, and delivery. We also provide related accessories, including plastic caps, anodized aluminum caps, spray heads, droppers, spacers, etc.

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