Square Perfume Bottle

The square perfume bottle is a transparent perfume bottle with a pump, available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml capacity. It is a classic type. This is a fresh and elegant perfume bottle. You can also customize the color. The spray refillable perfume bottles are safe and harmless to perfume, odorless, reusable and durable.

50 ml Square Perfume Bottle

Model Number: YF-PGB06

Material: Glass

Volume: 30ml/50ml/100ml

Color: clear, or Custom

Sealing Type: spray pump

Surface Handling: Hot Stamping

100ml Perfume Bottles
Square Perfume Bottle with Llid

The clear square perfume bottle with a nice black metal cap and sprayer is very textured. The heavy square perfume bottle is highly polished and has a beautiful appearance.

Square Perfume Bottle Features

  • The bottle is like a transparent crystal with a pure texture.
  • Atomizing nozzle, good atomization, strict structure and good sealing.
  • Selected materials, high white material glass bottle body, more noble and elegant.
Square Perfume Bottles Wholesale
Square Cologne Bottle

Glass perfume bottles are made of thick glass and are not easily crushed. Square glass bottles are perfect for holding essential oils, perfumes, massage oils, and more.

Square Glass Perfume Bottles Supplier

We also offer square glass perfume bottles in other colors, the empty perfume bottles can be reused many times, each bottle is made of high quality crystal glass. The bottle mouth is designed with a threaded mouth and tight thread so that the bottle will not leak. The nozzle design is fine and the spray is uniform.

Black Square Glass Perfume Bottle
Red Square Glass Perfume Bottle

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