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Clear Glass Candle Jars

The clear glass candle jars are made of thickened glass material, sturdy and reusable, not easy to deform, and easy to clean. These empty glass jars are widely used for making soy candles and scented candles. The clear glass jar has a clear look, allowing the beauty and light of the candle to shine. Glass jars with lids can also be used to store dried flowers, creams, salves, salt, teas, herbs, and more.

Clear Glass Candle Holder Jars

Model Number: YF-GCJ10

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Color: Clear

Size: 7*8.5cm, 8*10cm, 10*12.5cm

Our thick clear glasses come in three sizes and are mostly used for making soy candles. The mouth of this transparent glass is humanized, round, and smooth. The thickened glass bottom increases friction and is not easy to tip over.

The wide-mouthed glass jar is easy to fill with liquid candles, making the candle-making process more convenient and hassle-free. They are hermetically sealed, heat-resistant, explosion-proof, lead-free and non-toxic.

These glass jars with lids are safer, healthier and reusable than plastic jars. The bamboo lid is lined with a silicone seal to ensure excellent airtightness, preventing exposure to the air and preserving the aroma and fragrance.

Our transparent glass candle jars support customization, and we can provide deep processing services, such as frosting, spraying, baking, bronzing, etc.

Clear Glass Candle Jars Wholesale

Yafu Glass is an enterprise integrating the design, production, and sales of glass products. Our glass bottles and jars are widely used in food packaging, cosmetic packaging, etc. We can carve high-precision glass molds according to the samples or drawings provided by customers. We offer wholesale clear glass candle jars in different sizes.

Clear glass candle jars make it easy to see what’s inside. Wide-mouth glass jars are easy to fill and clean. They are versatile and great as kitchen storage containers for spices, powders, liquids, samples, cookies, candies, coffee beans, and more. They are also great as candle jars for candle making.

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