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Glass Bottles for Flowers

The glass bottles for flowers are made of thick glass with a non-slip bottom. This colorful small bud vase has a stable center of gravity and is not easily tipped over, with a smooth and rounded mouth. The diameter of the glass bottle is suitable for small flower buds, dried flowers, and liquid aromatherapy.

Glass Bottles For Flowers

Model Number: YF-GV011

Material: Glass

Color: Transparent, purple, blue, amber, pink, gray

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Round

We have 4 different sizes of flower glass bottles, each of which is available in transparent, purple, blue, amber, pink, and gray. The color of the glass bottle is fresh and natural, which makes people feel comfortable.

This glass vase can be used for long stem flowers. Our glass bottles for flowers are clear enough that you can clearly see the stems from the vase. The biggest feature of these colorful vintage glass bottles is the large opening design of the bottle mouth, which can easily accommodate beautiful flowers.

These decorative glass vases are versatile and perfect for centerpieces, dinner parties, events, offices, weddings, and home decor. It is a unique gift idea to give to family and friends.

Glass Bottles for Flowers Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle and glass jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass bottles for flowers in different colors and shapes. Our bud vases are made of high quality glass with smooth edges and thickened bottoms.

Decorate these glass medicine jars with labels, lace, twine or dried flowers to create a set of vases with different designs. Display the beauty of flowers and decorate your own home by placing these beautiful vases on a shelf.

These glass bottles can be used as medicine bottles or as vases. Twine and tags add a rustic look to the glass vase and add a rich vibe. Elegant glass bottles and jars can be filled with artificial flowers, pebbles, and candles, handcrafted artwork, tied with string or painted with color for unique DIY projects.

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