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Glass Vase With Handle

The glass vase with handle is made of vertically striped clear glass and metal handles. This cylindrical clear glass vase has a long body and is ideal for daisies, roses, carnations, tulips, and other flowers with slender branches.

Glass Vases With Metal Handles

Model Number: YF-GV007

Material: Glass

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Cylinder

Color: Clear

Size: 6.5*14cm, 6.5*17cm, 6.5*20cm

We offer this clear glass vase with metal handle in three different sizes. The glass vase and bottom are 6.5cm in diameter. This french-striped clear vase features a straight-leg design with a minimalist style.

The glass vase has a smooth and translucent body and is designed with delicate straight stripes for a creative sense. The bottle mouth of the long glass vase is naturally folded, and the three-dimensional effect is layered. The most intuitive impression of this transparent glass vase is that it is clear and clean, and can match all flowers and green plants.

Glass Vase With Handle Supplier

Yafu Glass is a glass vase manufacturer. The vase is blown from lead-free glass, which is beautiful and durable. The mouth of the glass bottle is round and smooth, which will not hurt hands and flowers. The bottom of the bottle is thick, and the placement is more stable.

The mouth of the glass vase with handle is artificially polished, smooth and round. The sides and bottom of the tall glass vase are thickened for durability. Under the circumstance that the flowers are extremely delicate and beautiful, the simple design of the glass vase can bring out its beauty.

The surface of glass vase is designed with vertical stripes, which can make people feel the craftsman’s heart hidden in this handicraft, which is romantic and real.

This cylindrical glass vases with handles can be inserted into any kind of flowers or greenery. The vertical striped clear glass vase with handle is perfect for living room, dining room, shop, party, office, dining room, or bedroom, bringing an elegant and romantic feel.

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