Double Glass Coffee Cups

Double glass coffee cups are made of borosilicate glass. Double wall glass cups are safe to drink hot beverages such as coffee, tea, milk, etc. and can maintain a certain heat. The double layer coffee mug is heat-resistant and can be held comfortably.

Double Wall Glass Cup

Model Number: YF-DGC002

Capacity: 250ml, 350ml, 450ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Size: 5.5*14.5cm, 5.5*11.5cm, 5.5*9cm

Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs
Double Wall Mug
Double Glass Cups

We have three different sizes and capacities for this double-walled glass cup. For clear glass cups, it is very suitable for post-processing, such as printing, decal, spray color, frosted, gilded, hand painted, etc. Double insulated coffee mugs are more heat resistant, more transparent, thinner and lighter, but more durable than regular glass.

Double Walled Coffee Mug
Double Glass Mug

Double Glass Coffee Cups Features

  • The double layer coffee cup is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, healthy, and hygienic.
  • The Double Walled Tea Cup is fired at high temperature, which has strong adaptability to temperature changes and is not easy to burst.
  • Insulating double glass coffee cups can withstand temperatures from -30°C to 400°C. Perfect for coffee, milk, espresso, latte, hot and cold, etc.
  • The glass body is designed with double-layer heat insulation and cold insulation, which can keep the temperature of coffee and tea soup, and it is convenient to drink.

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