Twisted Glass Vase

This twisted glass vase is made of high-quality glass with smooth edges. The thick bottom and thick walls will ensure the stability of the bouquet in the glass vase. We offer twisted glass vases in three different sizes.

Twisted Glass Vases

Model: YF-GV009

Material: Glass

Color: Green, Smoke Gray

Craft: Handmade

Shape: Irregular

Size: 14*5.5cm, 19*5.5cm, 24*6cm

Smokey Grey Glass Vase
Smoked Grey Glass Vase
Grey Smoked Glass Vase

We offer this irregular glass vase in two different colors: green and smoke grey. Handcrafted to make each vase more artistic, handmade vases feature corrugated lines. The surface presents an irregular shape, supporting the artistic beauty of the entire vase.

Art Deco Twisted Glass Vase Supplier

Grey Smoke Vase
Color Twist Bouquet Vases

Yafu Glass manufactures and wholesales glass vases in various colors and styles. A minimalist-style glass vase with a bouquet of favorite flowers adds a stylish touch to life.

As a delicate and artistic appliance, art deco glass vases can be placed in different places to beautify and embellish the home environment. When there are different vase decorations in the room, it will make the space appear more layered, and at the same time make the home more natural and ecological.

Minimalist glass vase with a modern touch. They can be placed next to the sofa in the living room, on the dining table, on the bedside table as decoration, and can also complement other decorative items.


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