Black Smoked Glass Vase

The black smoked glass vase is made of high quality crystal thick glass with geometric shapes. This European style glass vase is simple and elegant as an interior decoration. This geometric smoke black glass vase comes in three different sizes.

Black Smoked Geometric Glass Vase

Model Number: YF-GV006

Material: Glass

Color: Black

Shape: Geometric

Size: 130*220*90mm, 120*270*90mm, 135*310*90mm

Black Smoked Glass Vases
Smoked Black Glass Vases

Yafu Glass is a manufacturer specializing in glassware, and each of our glass vases is carefully designed and crafted. Geometric shapes make up abstract artwork in this glass vase, which has an upper diameter of 90mm. This vase is suitable for inserting fresh flowers, silk, and dried flowers.

Geometric Glass Vase
Smoked Black Glass Vase Details

Black Smoked Glass Vase Features

Black Smoked Glass Vase
Smoked Black Glass Vase Details
  • The smoke-black glass vase is smooth by sanding. The thick bottom of the bottle is finely cut through the arc, and the vision is perfect.
  • The wider mouth and lower center of gravity give glass vases more security and can hold more flowers. 
  • Simple design makes beautiful decorative glass vases suitable for kitchen, living room, office, dining room, dining table, etc.

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