Gold Glass Cups

Gold Glass Cups are golden stemless wine glasses for serving wine at parties, weddings, and gatherings. The stemless wine glass uses a modern honeycomb design, the hammered gold metal adds a unique and sophisticated element and adds luster to the red wine.

Gold Glass Cups

Model Number: YF-GC008

Capacity: 530ml

Color: Gold, Rose Gold

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Gold Wine Glasses
Rose Gold Wine Glass

We offer stemless glasses in two colors: Gold and Rose Gold. The wine glass adopts a handleless design, the base is stable, and the wine glass is not easy to overturn.

Gold Glass Cups Features

Gold Champagne Glasses
Rose Gold Glassware

This gold stemless wine glass is made of heavy duty glass. Lead-free wine glasses provide a pleasant and safe wine-drinking experience. The wine glass has a sturdy design and won’t shake or fall.

The golden stemless wine glass is stylish and durable, with a classic silhouette that’s easy to hold. Golden wine glass cups can hold cocktails, mimosas, juices, wine, water, tea and more.

Custom Stemless Wine Glasses

Colored Stemless Wine Glasses

Yafu Glass is an expert in the production of glassware, and can also customize glass cups according to the different needs of customers. Besides golden stemless glasses, we also supply stemless glasses in other sizes and colors for displaying wine, champagne, sparkling drinks and more.

Stemless wine glasses display drinks perfectly and are more stable when standing. Stemless wine glasses are easier to put in the dishwasher than tall glasses and have a much lower rate of breakage.

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