Glass Lotion Dispenser Bottle

The glass lotion dispenser bottle is made of embossed durable glass. The glass bottle comes with a metal pump tip, which is easy to squeeze and durable enough to be reused forever. This is a refillable kitchen and bathroom glass pump dispenser for all liquid soaps, lotions, hand soaps, dish soaps, bubble baths, and DIY shampoos.

Glass Lotion Dispenser Bottle

Model Number: YF-LB07

Volume: 30ml

Material: Glass + Metal Pump

Color: Clear

Sealing Type: Screw

Size: 6.2*15.5cm

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Glass Lotion Dispenser Bottle Features

  • The embossed glass dispenser bottle has an elegant and stylish look and is comfortable to hold. 
  • Durable stainless steel pump head and nozzle are not easy to rust, have stable pressure and longer life.
  • This soap bottle is fired from high-temperature-resistant thick glass, and the product molding process is excellent. 
  • Empty Glass Lotion Dispenser Bottles are safe to fill with a variety of liquids, and they can be placed on any countertop, bathroom, or kitchen.
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Glass Lotion Dispenser Bottles

Glass Dispenser Bottles Wholesale

Yafu Glass is a professional glass bottle and glass jar manufacturer, we offer wholesale glass lotion dispenser bottles with metal pumps in different shapes and colors. The glass bottle has a screw top and the pump head includes a leak-proof gasket to prevent liquid from leaking. Thickened glass bottle bottom prevents tipping.

Glass is an extremely strong material that is naturally resistant to moisture, corrosion and stains, making it ideal for soap dispensers. The smooth surface of the glass bottle is very easy to clean. Whether you’re adding shampoo, soap, or lotion, glass bottles are the way to go. Glass soap dispensers are more environmentally friendly than plastic soap dispensers.

Our glass separator bottles are available in a variety of styles and colors, so as to meet your different needs for holding liquid soaps, dish soaps, lotions, aromatherapy oil blends, shampoos, body washes, mouthwashes, and more.

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