Flower Glass Cup

The flower glass cup is decorated with daisy flowers, the cup body is made of high-quality lead-free environmentally friendly sturdy glass material, free of lead and barium harmful heavy metals, non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, and is easy to clean.

Flower Glass Cups for Sale

Model Number: YF-GC003

Capacity: 300ml-400ml

Color: Clear

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Size: 13*9cm

Glass Mug With Handle
Unique Glass Cup

This unique ceramic mug with handle comes in two different sizes. The glass mug is decorated in a 3D design with colorful daisies. The cup base and handle are paired with gold to make the cup sparkle.

The pretty daisy glass tea cup comes with a matching spoon for stirring drinks. It’s a complete glass coffee mug set that looks great and impresses even as a decoration. This unique flower glass cup is visually appealing and brings great fun and a good mood.

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Flower Glass Cup with Handle Features

  • The clear glass tea cup is made of high-quality lead-free glass material, it will not fade and easy to clean. 
  • The cup spoon is stainless steel, which can withstand the temperature of hot drinks.
  • The flower glass coffee cup can be used as a regular cup or as a work of art. It’s the perfect gift for a friend. 
  • Glass mugs with handles can be used for tea, coffee, milk, juice, soda, lemonade, wine, cocktails and vegetable juices, etc.

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