Glass Foundation Bottle

This glass foundation bottle has a push type. It can hold 30ml of liquid foundation. Suitable for filling with serums, creams, lotions, essential oil, skincare items, moisturizers, and other skincare products. 

30ml Empty Glass Foundation Bottle

Model Number: YF-FB03

Volume: 30ml

Color: Clear, Frosted

Material: Glass

Sealing Type: Screw

We offer cosmetic packaging bottle  in clear, and frosted glass. The glass can easily change the color and transparency, so that it can perform a good shading treatment.

Empty Glass Foundation Bottles
Empty Foundation Bottles

Glass Foundation Bottle Features

  • The glass material is safe and hygienic and has strong corrosion resistance.
  • The glass material has a relatively strong barrier ability, which can well block the oxidation of oxygen to the liquid foundation, and can also prevent volatilization.
  • Glass foundation bottles may be reused many times, which can reduce costs.
Foundation Bottles
Pink Glass Foundation Bottle

Cosmetic Gass Bottle Supplier

Yafu Glass provides personalized glass bottles as its main business. The company has a mature cosmetic glass bottle supporting production line, mainly including cream bottles, lotion bottles, foundation bottles, essence bottles, perfume bottles and other cosmetic packaging series. Glass cosmetic bottles are beautifully designed and usually give people a beautiful enjoyment.

Cosmetics, especially whitening and nutritional cosmetics, are easily oxidized. This places high demands on the sealing properties of the packaging. Glass foundation bottles have strong barrier properties and are undoubtedly better than plastic bottles in protecting the contents. 

In addition, it has high gas barrier properties, which also makes glass bottles an excellent packaging container for volatile and easily lost fragrance products such as perfume.

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