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Glass Spice Jars for Sale to Russia

In July, we have 100,000 glass spice jars for sale to Russia. We inspect and pack at the factory to ensure the conformity and safety of the goods.

In March, we got an email from Russia which wanted glass spice jars. We quote Russian customers in a timely manner, we have samples in stock, and have sent them some samples. They are very satisfied with the quality and price of the glass spice jars and want to order 100,000 pieces.

After we received the order, Yafu Glass Factory started to work overtime and mass production, hoping to deliver on time. Each of our processes is produced in strict accordance with the needs of customers, and the production is completed within the agreed time limit.

Glass Spice Jars for Sale

Yafu Glass is a glass bottle and jars manufacturer. We offer glass spice jars and lids for sale in a variety of styles, and can also specialize in custom glass products.

Our glass spice jars are made of high quality borosilicate glass, there are round glass jars, square glass jars. The cover has metal cover, wooden cover, shaker cover, etc.

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